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Texas Swamp Stompers Alligator Hunting

Kills & Thrills at Texas Swamp Stompers in Beaumont, TX

Alligators are exotic animals and among the world’s largest reptiles, which also makes alligator hunting a unique game sport. Take an adventure through the swamps, bayous, and marshes of Southeast Texas and enjoy the trip of a lifetime. Pristine marshes seen firsthand from an airboat, outboard, or ATV put you in touch with nature as you travel with your own personal guide, scouting, baiting, and putting out lines. When daylight begins to fade, your guide at Texas Swamp Stompers brings you back to your lodging for a meal and perhaps a night spent among friends, fellow travelers, or other avid hunters. By morning, it is time for the harvest, where we check baited areas, pull up alligators on the lines, and shoot them.

Customized alligator hunting

At Texas Swamp Stompers, Troy Broussard customizes for the individual. Some hunters enjoy getting their hands dirty by baiting and shooting. Others are more at ease watching us do the baiting and shooting. Tailor your own adventure to suit your tastes.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department provides more detailed information about Texas alligators.

Rely on our experience

Texas Swamp Stompers has acquired decades of experience from hunting thousands of alligators. Our service has been in operation ever since Texas re-opened alligator hunting in 1984.

Highly sought after for their hides, meat, and as hunting trophies, alligators are native to 10 states, including Texas. As of 1978, they were no longer an endangered species, but are still protected, which limits your ability to hunt them.

Alligator hunting season in Texas core counties begins September 10th and lasts through September 30th every year. Hunting or harvesting alligators actually safeguards the future of the species by keeping the ecological system in balance and protecting alligators from dying through overpopulation.

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