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Litigation Alternatives -NY Divorce Mediation, Collaborative Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Given today’s tough economic times and the prevalence of New York divorce, many couples are looking for ways to resolve divorce or separation issues outside of court. And many find workable solutions through mediation, collaborative law, or some other type of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) technique. Alternatives to litigation save considerable time and expense. Such approaches also avoid adversarial trials that create untold stress for couples and their children. At Long Island Divorce Solutions, our New York divorce lawyers help clients explore more amicable divorce methods than traditional litigation.

Changes in NY Divorce Laws

In 2010, changes in NY divorce laws introduced a no-fault divorce option. As a result, uncontested divorce became more realistic for many couples. Through mediation collaborative law, or a negotiated settlement, our attorneys can help you and your spouse obtain an uncontested divorce that serves both of your needs and takes decision-making out of the court’s hands. Once you sign the settlement agreement, which our attorneys ensure is legally sound, the court typically finalizes the divorce. You can eliminate months or years of a long drawn out, costly and emotionally draining divorce battle.

Helping Clients in Nassau and Suffolk Counties Overcome Divorce Obstacles

Through informal sessions, one of our divorce mediators or collaborative lawyers can help you address issues such as: child custody, property division, visitation, child support, spousal support, debts of the parties and medical insurance.

We help you preserve your dignity and foster mutual cooperation during the settlement process. Rely on our experienced Long Island divorce attorneys to provide the compassion and savvy legal guidance you need. Call 631-539-9610 today or contact us online to find out more about solutions for your divorce.

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