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to Capture Interest

Today, people use the web to search for all kinds of information. Surfing the web is much different than reading your favorite novel. The same person who curls up in a comfortable chair and hangs on Hemmingway’s every word is a veritable whirlwind online. Online, attention flits from one site or section to the next. Viewers scan subtitles and paragraphs, jump to different sites, and target specific information. People pick and choose what to read and what to skip. You have seconds to grab their attention before they click away to another site. Your window is small. You need to be effective before the window closes.




that’s concise

Web content must be to the point. Formatting must be user friendly. Bullet lists and short subtitled paragraphs, limited to one topic can help you make your point. The cliché a picture is worth a thousand words holds true on the web. If a photo cuts down on words, go with the photo. Photos also break up a sea of content and pique interest. You literally have moments to make an impression.



Information is king. Your site must be informative. It must answer questions or solve problems. You cannot control what viewers are looking for, but if you’re within their search realm, you can make sure they find you. Once they do, you should grab their interest. A wordy writer dies a quick internet death. Your communication must be clear and your message poignant. The more readily the viewer can understand your intent or details, the better.


+ content

Writers weave searchable keywords into website content making them unnoticeable to the viewer but visible to search engine spiders. Sprinkling valuable keywords throughout the text helps rank sites with search engines, which is called search engine optimization (SEO). A skilled web writer knows how to jockey keywords while crafting a dynamic message. Organic writing is natural and well-written.

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